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How incredible would it feel to know that you are enough, just as you are, without worrying about what people think of you?

Doubts: You run your own business but feel like a fraud. You feel like everyone's doing better than you. You worry that you didn't come across as you wanted in that conversation.

That's a lot of doubt.

Can you really stop others from thinking about you the way they do?

Does it really matter what they think?

Will it change who you are?

If you're anything like I used to be, you're probably thinking about all the negative things that others think about you, but it's not just the bad thoughts; there are good ones too. So, if you don't want to accept the bad, you can't take the good ones either, right?

The first thing to do is realise it's not all about you..I know....You thought it was!

What others think of you are just their thoughts. In fact, what others think or say about you only reflects their tastes and preferences. If someone tells you they don't like the fact that you wear casual clothes, what does it say about you? Nothing, it just tells you that they have a dislike of casual clothes. If they don't like you because of what you wear, it's their problem and reflects their thoughts...same goes for tattoos, body shape, hair colour, skin colour, and gender....

Once you've got that out of the way, ask yourself, is there truth in it?

If there is, are you are okay with it or not?

If someone says that you're miserable, think about it, is that true?

If it's valid, are you are okay with them having such an opinion?

If you are okay with it, there is nothing that you need to do. However, if it upsets you and you want to change their opinion, you have the chance to say, "Yes, I am, and I want to change. Can you help me?"

On the other hand, if their statement isn't true, you can say, "I disagree with your opinion of me. What behaviour of mine makes you think I'm miserable?" You're helping them think about their thoughts, actions and behaviour by asking.

So, stop worrying about what others are thinking of you; whatever they think isn't going to change you – you are who you are.

So, what are you going to do to change your beliefs?

Here are a couple of ideas to start coming to terms with opinions.

Start by writing down the things that you think others think about you. They might be things about your physical appearance, how much or little you talk, how qualified or unqualified you are, and how friendly or unfriendly you are.

They might be positive or negative, but be honest – no one else will read it. Keep writing until you get it out of your system.

Take time to reflect.

Once you've listed everything you think others think about you, read back through the list.

Spend some time reflecting or journalling on the following questions and the impact this might be having on your life.

How many of them do you find difficult to accept, and how many are you happy to accept?

Does it change who you are in either case?

For example, if someone thinks you're intelligent, will it make you more intelligent? Likewise, if someone thinks you're dull and stupid, does it really make you dull and stupid? Will what others think of you change who you or what you are?

You'll probably begin to realise that nothing about you can change based on what others think of you. Of course, that doesn't mean it doesn't have an impact though.

You might experience an emotional response to what others say or do. But even those emotions are not going to change who you are.

So how can you re-frame what others think of you so that it has less of an impact on your feelings? And can this really allow you to stop worrying what other people think for good?

Would you like some support to embrace who you are?

If stopping worrying about what people think feels like a leap too far, you might be interested in my Ciao Bella Retreat in Lake Garda in May; we'll be working a lot more on this very subject!

#selfesteem #selflove #Iamenough

Do you believe that? What does that sentence even mean?

Look up the word worth in a dictionary, and you'll see...

The level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated.

"they had to listen to every piece of gossip and judge its worth."

So, how do you define your worth? honest.

Here's a shocking fact, over 80% of women wake up in the morning and let the world decide their worth. ⁠

Through no fault of their own, all across the world, women are expected to play supporting roles in the lives of those they love. They play the part of the selfless mother, a supportive partner, or a dedicated worker who goes above and beyond. They may even do them all.⁠

But what about you? What's the result?⁠

The result is that it affects how you act and what you believe about yourself.

-You make yourself small so that you don't make mistakes or outshine someone else. ⁠

-You stay in your comfort zone instead of stepping out into the world and being excited to go for what you want.⁠

-You overwork to try and prove to yourself and the world that you are in control and can juggle multiple responsibilities. ⁠

-You stop moving forward, waiting for the perfect circumstances to make your move.⁠

-You accept and tolerate the behaviour and patterns of others that don't serve you.⁠

-And settle for a life so much smaller than the one you're capable of.⁠

Are you ready to stop acting in a supporting role and play the leading lady instead?

Here are a couple of things that you can try

The moment you wake in the morning, smile and think to yourself I Am All I Need - I've shortened this to IAAIN or IAN for short.

Make a plan. What do you want more of, add time for it each week in your calendar.

Set some boundaries. Tell family and friends your plans; you'll be in control of your time, it's best to avoid misunderstandings. Be clear if your plans include them or if you'll be doing it alone....and stick to it, keep that promise to yourself.

You find your worth within yourself, not your job, marital status, or children's achievements; although those do count, it's's all down to you, and you're amazing.

#change #midlife #youreworthit


Because I understand that sometimes we need to hear the right thing at the right time...the Early bird saving for my Ciao Bella retreat has been extended until the end of the if you're looking to create more time for yourself and love the person looking back at you from the mirror please do click here .

That's the question I'd like to ask you.

Before you thought you should be a good girl, nice, quiet, shy, intelligent, professional, responsible, pretty, loud, accomplished, small, big, overweight, skinny, who were you?

Who did you want to be? Can you even remember?

When we're young and excited, it's easy to dream big, know what we want, and be convinced that we'll get it....then life happens. We get responsibilities and beliefs that drag us down; pretty soon we forget who we want to be. And I don't mean what job or roles; I mean personally, what do you want?

Of course, you might not even know any longer, or maybe you can only think of reasons why you can't ...

I'm overweight

Old/not attractive

Don't have enough money

Made the wrong decisions earlier in life that can't be changed.

I had those too; at that time, I was twenty years younger than I am now.

  • I'm overweight - I was, and that's because I was using food as a reward/defence/comfort

  • I'm not attractive/old - I wasn't, and that's because I thought that way; attractive doesn't have to mean physical beauty; it can be internal too.

  • I don't have enough money - I didn't. That's because I was unhappy and spending to escape my feelings.

  • I made wrong decisions that can't be changed - Those decisions don't have to define me, and even if I made them in the past, I can always change my future.

Who am I now?

  • I'm a 52 (almost 53) year old who followed a dream to live abroad

  • I'm a person who tries things and doesn't worry about failing

  • I'm a person who doesn't comply with stereotypes about age or size

  • I'm a person who's learning to let go of all the stupid beliefs she had in her head about being unworthy

What about you....who do you want to be?

#selfesteem #selflove #Iamenough

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