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Ciao Bella Retreat making women feel beautiful whatever their size or shape

Ciao Bella!

A retreat for women who want to feel

sexy, confident and in control every day

Lake Garda, Italy

14  - 21 May 2023


If you’re a women who’s fallen out of love with her body but is now ready to create more time for herself and love the person looking back at her from the mirror, join me for a retreat where you’ll come away feeling sexy, confident and in control every single day.

Lake Garda retreat May 2023

Benvenuto to a New You... 

You stand at the water’s edge, gentle waves are lapping on the jetty, and the smell of pine trees fills the spring air. You stand for a while, feeling the warm sun on your skin. You close your eyes and breathe.


You’re free at last; calm but excited about your future.


In the clear water of the lake, you catch a glimpse of your reflection. Is that really you? You seem so different, and yet you’ve only been here a few days. How those days have changed you….. Italy has changed you.


You’re more confident in how you look now, proud of your curves. You’re enjoying food without guilt and making plans for your future. This lifestyle agrees with you, and you feel beautiful.


And, as the sun goes down, the evening begins. You savour your evening passeggiata from the beach to the old town, with its ancient bell tower and boutique shops; you’re mindful of everything around you now. Life is slower; there is so much more time to enjoy living. They call it La Dolce far Niente, the sweetness of doing nothing.


You sit for a while watching the locals partake in their evening ritual; the passeggiata is for everyone, young and old. Dressed to impress, the Italians come to chat, find love, give comfort and be together, and that is what you must do now.


The pizzeria is buzzing with excited voices and animated conversation. You’ve come together with newfound friends to eat, laugh and talk about your day. There’s no ceremony, no talk of work, just genuine love and friendship for the people that surround you. This is how Italians live, with excitement and joy for everything - food, life, love. You sit back for a moment and wonder if you’re dreaming…’re not.


This truly is La Dolce Vita, and it’s seeping into your bones.

Riva del Garda jetty - Retreats for midlife women
Eating out at a Pizzaria on the Ciao Bella Retreat

The secrets to living La Dolce Vita. 


By the end of this retreat, you'll have uncovered all the secrets of Italian women. Women who exude confidence and aren't afraid to be themselves, and very soon, they'll be your secrets too. 

Living La Dolce Vita with Wendy Byard
Never feel guilty about eating pasta again on the Ciao Bella Retreat

You'll learn the secret of how to eat like an Italian woman. You'll discover that food makes your beautiful body happy, and you'll never have to feel guilty about enjoying gelato, pizza or pasta again. You'll know how to make great food choices and still eat all the food you love.

You'll understand how to behave like an Italian woman. Learning the secrets to becoming super confident with who you are and what you're capable of. You'll be able to ditch the fear and live life with passion and sparkle every day. 

Secrets to becoming super confident on the Ciao Bella Retreat
Discover the real passions in life with Wendy Byard

You'll be able to live like an Italian woman when you discover the real passions in your life. Learn how to free up time and create m