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Your sexiness is… in full flower! 

Most of the time you feel like you’re pretty self-aware and attuned to yourself. You do have some moments of self-doubt (who doesn’t?) but you manage to quickly pull yourself back when you start that nasty, negative self-talk.


You’re aware of your shortcomings and imperfections and they’re barriers you overcome quickly. You still question some of your beliefs and you reflect on your values, but you also believe that you have the potential to make a real impact around you, big or small.

Ready to boost your sexiness? Try these 3 strategies...

Find a way to help someone who's finding life hard (online or in person).
Ask yourself what impact you want to create or legacy you want to leave.
Give yourself permission to dream big, brave and totally wild.

Hey ciao! I’m Wendy and I'm Almost Perfect...

I'm also known as the English woman who decided to live in Italy because it made her feel beautiful.


I studied body image and emotional eating, and I became an expert in the 'stories' we tell ourselves and how to stop being hung up on what other people think of us.


I'm living proof that self-compassion and loving your body, whatever its size, changes your whole life. It got me off the dieting bandwagon and got me to be a happy, healthy woman who sings and dances like a madwoman, buy's beautiful clothes and cares for herself every single day.​


These days, I work with women all over the world who've fallen into the emotional eating/dieting/negative body image spiral. But my way of breaking the cycle is entirely different, it's fun and exciting, and makes them feel sexy at any age and or size.


Check out these extra fabulous resources to develop your sexy side.


1. Subscribe to my podcast. Where I interview fantastic women who know a thing or two about self care and looking good.


2. Come and join me on retreat in Itay! The ultimate way to show yourself some love and learn to feel sexy, confident and in control


3. Follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn, for self love and feel good factor. From beautiful scenes of Italy to top tips, I’ve got you covered!

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And, most importantly, get this
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