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What About Me?

A Masterclass Series

Learning to say YES to yourself

Who is this series it for?

This masterclass series is for any woman who's exhausted, and any woman who puts others first never getting time for herself. It's for any woman who can't say 'NO' for fear of upsetting the balance at home or work, and any woman who wants to start making what she wants a priority.

It's for women who deserve more.

Just imagine...

  • The joy of having people see you for the incredible person you really are, rather than just noticing you for making their lives easier

  • How amazing it would feel to live the life you've always dreamed of and not feel guilty for wanting more

  • How satisfying it would be to say what you really wanted rather than pretending it didn't matter

If you're a woman who puts others' needs before her own, you probably don't know how any of that feels, although perhaps it's something you dream about.


It's time to stop dreaming because you deserve better, and that's why I've created this masterclass series for women like you (and me).

Each month there will be a different class, and each class will have a different theme. 


These classes will help you - discover where you spend your time and how to find more time to do things for yourself (even if you think you have a full schedule), how to know WHAT you want to spend your time on, and how to start setting boundaries and more.

There will be live sessions where you can ask questions and learn from others. There'll also be questions to stimulate your mind and exercises to practice during the month to keep you on track

Image by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova

What's Included



A masterclass on putting yourself first, stop people pleasing and not feel guilty for doing so.


(I can't get no) SATISFACTION


A masterclass on discovering what you want and how you'll get it




A masterclass on boundary setting, so you get the respect you deserve without upsetting people. 

Put yourself first - A masterclass for women

How much will it cost ...

To continue living life unseen and unappreciated, or carrying on saying yes to everyone and everything, so you don't upset them?

It might cost you your health, your marriage, your family, or your job.

I know the costs. I've been there, and this is ongoing work; there's no quick fix. BUT with practice, it becomes easier and easier, so you must practice what you learn.

The Monetary cost?


The true cost of this series is....irrelevant. 

I know that times are hard for most people right now, and the last thing anyone wants is more money worries. So, this is an offer for all women who want to live a better life.

The cost of the Masterclass Series is ZERO, but just because there is no cost doesn't mean that the content will be thin and worthless, there's lots of juicy content.

If you're one of my guests on the Ciao Bella retreat next year, this bonus event will help you prepare for our time together.

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Just a quick message from me.....

I know you're busy, but if you want to start making what you want a priority, we'll find time to carve out that dream. We'll start with small steps; that's how we create lasting change....and it is just the first step.

I promise that once you realise you're worthy of taking time for yourself, putting everyone else's needs before your own be a thing of the past. You'll have freedom and space to be yourself and live life with passion and sparkle.

I'm looking forward to joining you on your journey.

Wendy xxx

No upcoming events at the moment
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