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Quick, Simple, Tasty and Nutritious


Food Glorious Food

I love food and I love fresh, seasonal produce, but I don't like spending my life in the kitchen. 


I've chosen some of my favourite recipes to share with you. Some of them are my own creation, others adapted from ones I use regularly. I hope you enjoy them.

Pot on Gas Burner

One Pot or Oven Baked

Sometimes I'm in a rush, or maybe it's one of those day when I really can't stand the thought of washing up. These are some of my favourite recipes that involve very little time or effort

Meat Dish

Meat Eaters

Good quality protein from happy animals is the way to go when it comes to eating meat. 


Vegetarian & Vegan

Vegan and vegetarian meals don't need to be boring or time consuming to prepare. 

Blueberry Smoothie


My go to lunch. I love protein shakes, filling, packed with fruit and veggies and good for me

Making Chocolates

Sweet Treats & Snacks

Good news, you can eat chocolate and snacks and still be healthy, so if that's you, this should be your go to section.