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How energised would you feel putting yourself first

...have time to do the all things you love AND still getting all those jobs on your 'To–Do' list done?

This week you're the only one who can rescue a kitten from up a tree, save your neighbour from a burning building, make plans for world peace and negotiate a multi million pound deal. There's only one thing for it; you'll have to clear out your calendar, remove all the things you had planned for yourself and battle on through like you always do.

More time for myself, time to become a sexy woman, time to love myself

More often than not, cancelling your plans is the easiest, fastest, lowest conflict route to creating more time and energy and getting 'stuff' done. The problem is that it isn't, and you're in trouble when other people's agendas become more important to you than yours.

You matter too, and if you believe you don't, it can lead to a low self image and burnout.

So, how can you ensure you get time to enjoy your life whilst not letting anyone down?

Thirty minutes: Get up earlier.

Ok, this doesn't sound like much fun, but even 30 minutes earlier will give you enough time for a nice facial, an extended beauty routine, meditation or journaling. The house is quiet, and you'll feel at peace. Only leave what's important to you at the end of the day if you want to. If you're busy and exhausted, chances are that you'll push aside your plans, which signals to your brain that what you want isn't important.

Two hours (hopefully, more) - Each week, block off time in your calendar...a meeting with M.E, a language lesson, or anything that will make you feel less guilty about taking time for yourself. This is especially useful if you're responsible for caring for others (we all know that guilt takes over when it comes to that). They're less likely to object if they think you already have a commitment. It doesn't have to be the actual thing you write down. In fact, t can be fun to put something in your calendar and then do something naughty and indulgent instead!

A weekend away - This is a little more difficult but still doable. A date with Mr. X, a wedding, or a work conference will allow you to extract yourself from everyday duties, chill out and do as little or as much as you tip, do go somewhere, don't stay at home.

Now all you need to do is start planning how you'll spend your 'me time'.

Top tip: If you're a woman struggling with this, my Ciao Bella retreat in May will cover this in more detail, so why not join us?


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