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New Year, New You ....

No, me neither!

It's a January thing, the roller coaster of resolutions to keep. There's always a new diary, clean, tidy and full of hope, which turns shabby and inconsistent by the end of the year. The same thing happens year after year because all the 'ideas' about improving are unsustainable; they're restrictive. It's always going to be a recipe for disaster.

But despite that, this year, I do have a resolution .... to take more time for myself.

I live in a fantastic place, and I have a tremendous job, but sometimes the balance gets out of kilter. There are always 'things' that need doing; blog posts, courses and retreats to arrange, lessons to attend, and sometimes those things can take over until the 'me' starts to disappear again.

Wendy Byard - Helping you reclaim your identity. No more people pleasing, overeating and not feeling good enough. Change your life and be happy. No diets, no shame, no judgement.

Have you noticed if you're the person you used to be? Do you laugh as much as you used to? Do you do the things you love, or do you put them off because there are more important things to get done?

That's one of the reasons I moved to this beautiful place, to get a life for myself, but sometimes old habits die hard ....and not in a Bruce Willis kind of way.

I noticed over Christmas. Travelling back to the UK, I distanced myself from social media and cleared a lot of 'stuff' that had been causing a backlog, things that had caused me to get stuck. I got back to being myself, reading, listening to music and just being. All the things I used to do when I first moved to Italy. In effect, I escaped to come home.

Life in Italy

What a treat.

But that's just it; it shouldn't be a treat. Each day we should feel like ourselves, do what makes us happy. We might not be able to do that all day; we live in the real world after all, but we can spend time doing things for ourselves for at least an hour a day. I advocate that on my website, so I should practice what I preach.

What's on my list of things to do this year?

A trip to the racing circuit at Monza, a camping trip, I haven't been camping for years, and another city break ... perhaps Rome with friends. This year I want to travel alone too because that's when you really get to know yourself.

Wendy Byard - Retreats in Italy

What about you? What can you offer yourself in the way of time to make what you want important?

I'll leave you with this thought. This time of year is much quieter, and there's not much going on, but watch and listen carefully and you'll see tiny signs of hope and new life emerging ..... look at my roses!

Why am I not good enough


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