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Planning - Antarctica T Minus 126 Days

I’m one of those people who loves to plan. You know the kind, the ones that make lists, tick things off and has a whole notebook dedicated to planning stuff.

That’s why this trip to Antarctica is so exciting.

Well, that’s not the real reason, I hope the trip will be out of this world, but it's exciting even before its begun because there are so many things to plan.

Pretty much my kind of planning book

I should tell you that I started planning (and saving) for this trip 6 years ago.

I booked it in January of 2018 and I’ve been watching the flight prices (and recording them in my book) ever since. I started doing this so as I might work out the optimum time to book. I was going to be prepared, I ringed the price drops (in pencil) and put notes by the side. The best prices also got 2 big stars by them.

Needless to say, all hell let loose when the airline had a companion fare offer, a buy one get one free sale in business and first-class. I was shaking, I was just so excited, or was I?

No, I was shaking because this just couldn’t be happening. I wasn’t ready, this is not what I had planned, my planner said it would be at least 6 months before the prices dropped. How could I possibly make a decision, even though I had all the dates and times written in my book?

So I got excited and flapped about. A lot. I flapped about so much that the offer to Buenos Aires got booked up (very quickly). Now I was angry with myself for flapping.

Lots more flapping about, stress levels through the roof, checking, more checking. Checking different departure airports, checking different departure days. Stop checking, the offer was so good the seats had gone.

Even though I knew I’d missed the boat (plane actually) I kept thinking there must be a way.

We booked to fly to Brazil.

Now, I know that Brazil is not Argentina; I was a Travel Agent for many years. But I got my 2 for 1 business class seats so I was chuffed. The other plus side was now I had even more planning to do because we needed connecting flights and hotels before and after the trip….planning heaven.

Hmmm. The only problem with connecting flights is that you book a flight at a certain time but that doesn’t mean that it will stay at that time. Rescheduling happens, and so far at T minus 126 days our connecting flight times have changed 4 times. Changed so extremely in some cases that they were no longer connecting.

Most ordinary people would hate this, and although my tidy notebook brain was rather annoyed, on the bright side it was rather splendid because I could plan for every eventuality of flight schedule changes. I have Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D and we haven’t even got to hotels yet

I guess it’s beginning to look like I’m a bit of a control freak, a bit weird, well maybe.

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