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Put on your own oxygen mask

Before helping others.....

Compassionate people, those who want to help others, are the nicest people in the world and deserve some love.

Compassionate people like to see others do well. They feel happy and proud of the people they care about, and when that person hits hard times, they feel it too. We all love someone like this, don’t we?

It’s nice to be loved, thought of as kind and caring.....but it can also be exhausting and self-destructing. You know shouldn’t just be for other people.

Learn to love yourself and you'll be transported to a different level.

Loving yourself, self-compassion, means caring about yourself, because someone who’s well cared for is more likely to be happy, healthy, energised and confident.

Think of Italians.

From the moment they are born they are the best things in the world. They grow up proud and confident. They love themselves; they have fun, are happy and still have time for others in their lives.

Don’t think you can be like that? Why not!

You are a fantastic human being. You care for others, that is one of the greatest gifts you could ever have. Maybe sometimes it’s not always perfect, but you should be proud of yourself.

But why not take it one stage further?

Don’t just be proud of yourself, love yourself, show yourself some compassion. Console yourself when things don’t well, encourage yourself when things are difficult and give yourself a pat on the back when things go well. Isn’t that exactly what you would do for others?

You deserve to be happy, you shouldn’t be exhausted or sad. And if you do find yourself feeling like that, well that’s ok. You haven’t failed, you’re not unworthy of being happy. Everything changes, and this will pass too. Just wait a while, things always get better. Be grateful that you can experience the whole range of emotions that life has to offer and recognise how that makes you feel. That’s mindfulness.

Put yourself first. If you’re having a bad day, don’t worry what others will think of you. Will people be mad at you, will they hate you, will they be upset.? Maybe, but you’re a person too, put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others, you’ll be much more effective that way.

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