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The joy of eating all the food you love without feeling guilty or ashamed

I can feel you talking to me through the screen...Oh, how I wish, but...

* I only have to look at food and I put on weight.

* Eating bread makes me fat.

* Pasta is fattening

* I've always been overweight, and that's not going to change.

* I can't. I caught a glimpse of myself walking past a shop window; I looked like the side of a house.

Wendy Byard | Is pasta bad for you

Are these thoughts true? ..... Is pasta fattening? ....Will you lose weight if you stop eating bread?...Really?

I know you think these things, I thought them too. I was also told that I wasn't fat, I just had big bones...

Did you know that some people do have bigger bones than others?

According to Live Science

"Forensic investigators determine the weight of a long-deceased person a clue to his or her identity by analyzing the size of a skeleton's bones . The width of the femur, in particular, corresponds to body mass. "This research allows us to determine whether an individual was overweight based solely on the characteristics of a skeleton's femur, or thigh bone.....Big bones aren't the reason people are overweight, though it's the other way around. The femurs of overweight people grow larger partly because they must bear more weight, the researchers hypothesize, and partly as a result of the way overweight people move and walk, which differs from others on account of their greater mass."

Bang goes that theory then. I was big-boned, but because I was too heavy!

So what are we going to do about it?

Live in a life of diets and misery by cutting out all the things we love?

Hiding indoors (and taking down all the mirrors) in case we catch a glimpse of ourselves?

Or we could learn to be ok with how we are now, and if changing our appearance is really an issue, slowly work towards getting to where we feel comfortable.

Now when I say comfortable, I don't mean happy because getting to a particular size and weight won't make you happy. It's external pressure. When you reach that goal, you'll have to work like crazy to stay there, or you still won't feel like you thought you would. I can vouch for that. After losing over 35kgs, I was probably less attractive than when I was heavier. I was gaunt and baggy, with all loose skin and wrinkles and definitely no chest.

What do I suggest?

First, I suggest starting to relax around food. There are no good foods and no bad ones, everything can be enjoyed in moderation, and you need variety to remain happy and healthy.

Then, start looking at your beliefs and why you eat what you do when you do, those behaviours will tell you a lot about what's right and wrong with your thoughts...and if you need help figuring that out, contact me and I'd be happy to help.

The next step, once you're no longer putting your body through dieting hell, is to decide what you'd be comfortable with and start making a plan on how to get there....that's something else I can help with too

Here's a link to the article if you're interested -


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