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Who were you before you got overwhelmed with all the things you thought you should be?

That's the question I'd like to ask you.

Before you thought you should be a good girl, nice, quiet, shy, intelligent, professional, responsible, pretty, loud, accomplished, small, big, overweight, skinny, who were you?

Who did you want to be? Can you even remember?

When we're young and excited, it's easy to dream big, know what we want, and be convinced that we'll get it....then life happens. We get responsibilities and beliefs that drag us down; pretty soon we forget who we want to be. And I don't mean what job or roles; I mean personally, what do you want?

Of course, you might not even know any longer, or maybe you can only think of reasons why you can't ...

I'm overweight

Old/not attractive

Don't have enough money

Made the wrong decisions earlier in life that can't be changed.

I had those too; at that time, I was twenty years younger than I am now.

  • I'm overweight - I was, and that's because I was using food as a reward/defence/comfort

  • I'm not attractive/old - I wasn't, and that's because I thought that way; attractive doesn't have to mean physical beauty; it can be internal too.

  • I don't have enough money - I didn't. That's because I was unhappy and spending to escape my feelings.

  • I made wrong decisions that can't be changed - Those decisions don't have to define me, and even if I made them in the past, I can always change my future.

Who am I now?

  • I'm a 52 (almost 53) year old who followed a dream to live abroad

  • I'm a person who tries things and doesn't worry about failing

  • I'm a person who doesn't comply with stereotypes about age or size

  • I'm a person who's learning to let go of all the stupid beliefs she had in her head about being unworthy

What about you....who do you want to be?


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