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Why you can’t loose weight and keep it off PART 1

January, the time of year that many people start living in that rat wheel again, you know the one….new year new you, diet, exercise, getting fit.

Do you know on average how long those diets and good intentions last?

Nineteen days.

Yes, nineteen days, that’s it.

Wendy Byard | Guiding you to a healthy life with no diets, no shame, no judgement
On average, you will start 3 diets a year, they will last 19 days and 99% will fail to deliver permanent results. So maybe now you don’t feel bad that you've always failed.

Diets do work. Eat less rubbish, fewer calories, cut out sugar, carbs, drink lots of water, and you will lose weight. BUT think about it, if it worked then there wouldn’t be a thriving diet industry out there would there?

So why doesn’t it work for you?

Life, ordinary boring life, that’s what happens.

You start out with great intentions, you’re excited, positive, you take action. You have a big event coming up, a holiday, a wedding, you want to find a new partner, so you want to look at your best. You shop for healthy food, that you don’t really like, but it’s worth it to lose that extra weight, right? You start running, going to the gym, exercising at home. The first few days are hard and then, well, you start getting used to it and it’s not so bad.

At the end of the first week you jump on the scales. If you’re lucky you’ve lost a kilo or two and you’re chuffed. Soon you’ll look wonderful, people will compliment you on how you've changed, they’ll want to be around you and be like you.

Week two….you jump on the scales, but you haven’t lost quite as much.

Hmmmmm you’ve worked hard and didn’t think you’d done anything wrong, what’s happened?

To top it all now you feel hungry all the time too. Suddenly you wonder why you’re bothering, you don’t even like lettuce and exercise isn’t like the old Cher workout video from the 90’s, you actually have to break out into a sweat. It’s no fun.

Week three, this is the crucial time. Food is boring, you can’t have a drink and now your work routine is, well, mundane. Everything is ‘normal’ again. Too much work, not enough time for yourself, no fun and all this healthy food is expensive, what’s the point?

And there you have it…..You’ve just talked yourself out of something you really wanted to do because you’re bored. Now you can head to the fridge which is stocked with all your old favourites and comfort yourself that you tried, but really you’re happy just the way you are. Well, kind of.

Wendy Byard tender confidence coach. No diets, no shame, no judgement  Live life with passion & sparkle

Look at me. Just like you I was in that rat wheel. I spent years spilling blood, sweat and tears to find a way to lose weight and keep it off. I know how it makes you feel, but trust me, you can do it .

If you’re really ready to take yourself seriously and invest in yourself, sign up to my mailing list. Throughout the year I offer free (because you need to trust me, you don't want to waste yet more money, right?) and paid courses on how to break your habits, lose weight and keep it off for good. No diets, no shame, no judgement.


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