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" I'm not here to dictate what you should or shouldn't do, and anyway you already have the answers inside you. My role is to gently guide you to notice patterns of negative talk, and help find the tools you need take control of your thoughts, love yourself, and live your life with passion and sparkle "

Wendy Byard - Wendy Byard tender confidence coach. No diets, no shame, no judgement  Live life with passion & sparkle

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I'm not here to 'cure' you. I'm here to help you understand why you feel like you do and help you discover for yourself the tools you need to take back control of your life. 

We all need someone to care about us, share things with, understand us, and sometimes hang out with - either for fun or to sit and be held in peace. That's it; that's what I do. I listen, understand and help you find the right path to get you where you want to be. 

I'll be there for you, so you don't have to be alone with those little voices in your head. I'll be by your side to help you make yourself a priority and start enjoying a life full of passion and sparkle again.  

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I'm here to help

Here's how

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Some exceptional events for women who want to take back control of their lives, find space to be themselves and create a new life which puts their needs at the top of their to-do list.

Discover how to live La Dolce Vita, create time for yourself, and love the person looking back at you from the mirror, so that you can get to feel sexy, confident and in control every single day

Why not come and spend a week in Italy with me and fall in love with a whole new you? If you prefer not to travel too far, join me on a short UK retreat. 



Support specifically tailored to your needs at any time during the year. These can be anything from a one-off session to a series of appointments, which we decide together after discussing what support you need. 

Great results and total privacy are guaranteed for women looking for someone to really understand them. 


A masterclass series for any woman who's exhausted, and any woman who puts others first never getting time for herself. It's for any woman who can't say 'NO' for fear of upsetting the balance at home or work, and any women who wants to start making what she wants a priority.

It's for women who deserve more.

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Every time I talk to you I feel your kind heart. Your gentleness and your empathy. A confidante I feel safe with and NEVER judged. I feel your calm energy, loving and caring. Also with no expectations which is a very warm and welcome place to be.

Shirley Ann - US


After working with Wendy I realised that my issues with food were more deep routed than I had anticipated. She really worked hard help me notice how I was feeling and change my thoughts. Now I catch myself before I start eating because of stress and I feel so much better in my mind not just my stomach. It's like she's always there with me.

Sue.H - Derbyshire

I never had time to look after myself properly I was always too busy. When I came home I was so hungry I just ate whatever was quickest, or I used to eat on the go without thinking. Wendy really understood me, she didn't criticise when I went wrong she just helped me get back on track again. She also made me feel really confident. Now I'm excited about finding someone special I can share my life with.

Michele  A - Gloucestershire

Complimentary Session

I understand this is a very personal and private issue for you. You need to like and trust the person who will help you. That's why I offer a free 20-minute session so that we can get to know each other before you decide if you'd like to take things further. 

If you'd like to discuss what's possible, ask questions, or see if you'd like to work with me, please click on the button below, and we can work out a time that's best for us both. 

It's important to note that it's essential to find the right person to help you when it comes to eating disorders and health. I hold a certificate in nutrition and have studied hypnotherapy and NLP. However, if I feel that you need support that I cannot give you, I will always try and help you find someone who can.