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21 Days to Food Freedom Diet

21 Days to Food Freedom

An online programme to help you stop overindulging

21 Days to Food Freedom is for you if you want to

Learn how to stop thinking about food and being an excessive eater

Feel comfortable looking at yourself in the mirror and like what you see

Feel healthier, more energised, and confident

Say goodbye to dieting, and finally reach and  maintain your ideal weight.

Live a life where you never have to worry about food. No deprivation, no eating for comfort, no bad eating habits.

21 Days to Food Freedom

You didn't come into this world craving sweets, crisps, and biscuits. You ate when you were hungry, and you stopped when you were full. You were confident in your skin.

But you developed negative emotions around food and your body somewhere along the way. You started having feelings like "I hate being fat" and used food to control emotions... but on the other hand, you felt out of control around food and developed cravings that you couldn't resist. You tried every kind of diet out there, but they always failed to deliver lasting results.

Inevitably, you give up, and the emotional cycle begins again.


But it doesn't have to be this way.

Science shows that 80% of diets fail to deliver lasting results. You haven't failed because you couldn't stick to a restrictive diet. The diets have failed you.


Because they focus on restriction, to get total freedom from a negative relationship with food and your body, you need to change what's in your mind, not what's on your plate. Once you do, you'll see food in a new light. You'll love your body, and you'll be super confident.

This online go at your own pace course will transform your thoughts and beliefs about the food you eat and help you understand how to build confidence around food. 

Healthy toast toppings

Whats Included

The course comprises of 3 stages.  Each week you'll receive a new chapter in your inbox, and each day you will need between 20 to 30 mins to watch the video and complete the work.

Week 1: The Foundation Of Your Healthy Food Relationship

Week 2: Rewire Your Mind For Ideal Weight

Week 3: Living Life With Food Freedom

  • ​Day 1 - Visualise Your Perfect Weight & Healthy Lifestyle

  • Day 2 - Change Your Inner Critic To Your Cheerleader

  • Day 3 - What You Eat vs. What's Eating You

  • Day 4 - The Eight Destructive Eating Patterns

  • Day 5 - Change The Way You See Yourself & Food

  • Day 6 - Your Mind Wants To Return To What’s Familiar

  • Day 7 - The Most Powerful Connection: Food Equals Love

  • ​Day 8 - Food Has Memories

  • Day 9 - Overcome The Fear Of Rejection

  • Day 10 - The Key Driver Of Human Behaviour

  • Day 11 - Get Rid Of Conflicting Beliefs About Food

  • Day 12 - Remove The Secondary Benefits

  • Day 13 - The Key To Achieving Long-Lasting Change

  • Day 14 - Code In An Empowering Relationship With Food

  • Day 15 - Willpower Vs. Will & Power

  • Day 16 - Eat From The Five R's

  • Day 17 - Put An End To Cravings

  • Day 18 - Stop Stress Eating

  • Day 19 - Create A Consistent Bedtime Routine

  • Day 20 - How To Stay Slim

  • Day 21 - Living Life With Food Freedom


This course will undergo a design revamp shortly, and for that reason I'll be offering it at a reduced cost for a while.


If you would like to get the same great course at a fraction of the cost sign up now

You may also like the Love Yourself Diet an alternative course. If you need help deciding what's best for you, why not talk to me. I'd be happy to help

Wendy you have changed the way I eat and think about food. I was pushing size 16 and now after your help I am size 12 and I never diet now. I eat what I want. You really are amazing at what you do and a special person

Rebecca B - UK

I have lost one stone in weight after 3 weeks, and go have a gym assessment today! I am it is safe to say eating well, healthily and I feel masses better. My mindset is very much on track. In truth I was 14 stone 7lbs, which I had no idea I was so big, but in truth my energy and my clothes no longer fit. I hope by the end of summer to have a target of another stone off. I am eating less, I do have the odd treat, but it's measured and I am conscious of what I am putting in my body. Thank you so much

K. Broadley - UK

I was miserable. I had no self esteem, every social event was traumatic, what to wear (will it fit?). I lived on processed junk food, coffee and biscuits.


I can now face my 50s in the shape I have wanted to be in all my adult life. I feel so in control now having used this program. I know I deserve this and can spend the rest of my life in this happy, happy place!”


Tina P - US

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