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Lighter - a dream 1:1 mind and body programme


A 12 Week  Personal Transformation Journey - To help you love yourself first

Lighter is for you if you want to

Say farewell to self-doubt and learn to love yourself. Welcome the love you truly deserve. ...a genuine and profound love for yourself.

Learn effective strategies to prevent emotional feelings from triggering and controlling your life and eating habits. Reclaim your emotional well-being.

Discover how to build self esteem and amplify your self-assurance. Transform the way you see yourself and radiate confidence so you can make yourself a priority

Create a loving relationship with yourself. Looking into the mirror, be filled with appreciation and positivity. Embrace the beauty and uniqueness that makes you, you.

Step into the driver's seat and start living for yourself. Design a future that excites you, ignites your passions, and fills your days with joy.


Are you ready to liberate yourself from the grip of negative emotions, regain control over your eating habits, and embark on a profound journey of self-love and empowerment?

Welcome to "Lighter," a personalised 12-week signature program crafted exclusively for women like you.

"Lighter" isn't just a program; it's a life-changing voyage towards breaking free from that negative emotional cycle and learning to love yourself. 

In this transformative 12-week journey, we focus on empowering you to rewrite your narrative, learn how to love yourself, control your emotional feelings and stop eating for comfort.

If you're seeking to banish emotional overeating, boost self-confidence, and nurture self-esteem, this will be your haven.

Lighter anchor
Wendy Byard - Lighter proggramme

Whats Included

This 12 week 1:1 online course is where we get together every fortnight to cover new material and talk about progress and hurdles. 

Part 1 - Weeks 1 to 6

Goals, Obstacles, Habits & Beliefs

What's your dream goal? - We're going to create a roadmap to get there. We'll create a plan that works for you and your body, because we're going to change the way you live forever, not just for a few weeks.

We'll work on small manageable steps to overcome obstacles, create new habits and learn to uncover thoughts that are holding you back from reaching your goal. We're going to create your future

We're going to work on your feelings, your thoughts and your beliefs and you'll learn some great ways to start thinking like the woman you want to become.


Part 2 - Weeks 7 to 12

Now you have an idea where you going and how you're going to get there we're going to delve deeper into some of those problem areas which may be holding you back. 

For the next part of the programme you get to choose which path to take, or you can wonder around them all, the choice is yours.

Weight Loss

Self Image


We'll cover topics such as people pleasing, setting boundaries, negotiating tricky relationships, confidence, self image and all those little things which, until now, you may not have realised effect eating habits. 

You won't walk this path alone because I'll be here to gently guide you every step of the way. This isn't just about physical transformation; it's about rewriting your story and creating a life that resonates with your true essence.

This course is not for everyone. If you've tried and failed to lose weight before, you have to be willing to accept that the food you eat is only part of the problem; it's also not for you if you want fast weight loss or diet plans. But if you're willing to take it slowly and are willing to change the way you live your life then it will. The Lighter 12-Week Transformatinal Program is your invitation to rediscover your strength, cherish your uniqueness, and craft a future that excites and fulfills you.


We'll be spending quite a lot of time together and need to be a good match, so if you'd like to take see if this may work for you then please click on the book a call button and let's see if we can make some magic happen.


 This 1:1 course is available at any time (subject to availability), calls are fortnightly for approximately one hour with 'homework' to complete each week.

You may also like The Love Yourself Diet, a small group course.

If you need help deciding what's best for you, why not talk to me. I'd be happy to help

Wendy you have changed the way I eat and think about food. I was pushing size 16 and now after your help I am size 12 and I never diet now. I eat what I want. You really are amazing at what you do and a special person

Rebecca B - UK

I am so delighted to be working on this stuff and working with you! So blessed in my life in so many ways and I can feel it improving but in a different way as in like at ,a slower more natural way.

Mary B - UK

Wendy is always such fun to be around. She's the type of person who will pick you up if you feel down, make a cup of tea if you feel fragile and be fantastically funny if you're feeling life is a little bit dull. She is a lovely friend, a genuinely caring person and although we’re geographically miles apart, I feel we’re still together in spirit.

Shelagh C - UK

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