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Three Steps to Love You

A free book for body conscious women taking the first steps on the journey to self love

Three Steps to

Do you want to start looking at yourself in the mirror and adoring the person looking back at you? 

Then this book will be the start of your journey. 

I'm Wendy, a one-time emotional eater who thought her appearance made her unworthy of everything. Negative emotions surrounded me, and I didn't know how to get my confidence back.

But I learned the secret of how to be yourself, and this book will sow the seed that you are beautiful and worthy of being adored by the most important person in the room.......YOU. Once you believe that, so will everyone else. ​


I've helped women from all over the world to start living the life they deserve, a life of passion and sparkle, and here's where you can start too. I'm going to give no explanations; trust me. This works; you can download it now for free.

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If you need help deciding what's best for you, why not talk to me. I'd be happy to help

I love this new new way of thinking. Before I was stuck in an endless circle of looking at myself and feeling horrid, now I notice that there are a few nice things about me. I'm learning to appreciate them

Ann F. UK

I always remember to be NICE to myself now.


Its interesting to see when I get triggered, and its so helpful to understand why. I'm really looking forward to learning more about how to feel better about myself

T. Fischer- Italy

I'd heard or mirror psychology and mirror work before but never tried it until I used it as part of the exercises in the book.

It's really hard to be critical of someone who you see in front of you. Thank you Wendy, this has made a big difference to how I treat myself.

Lucia E - UK

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