So, this is me!... I'm Wendy and these days I'm really happy with the woman I've become. Yes, you heard me... I'M REALLY HAPPY WITH THE WOMAN I'VE BECOME...and that's amazing because until a few years ago I absolutely hated myself.

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As you already know, there's a lot more to negative body image, self hate, and eating disorders than weight alone. Here are three blog posts which give you my full story, I hope they'll help you recognise that you're not alone.

I was ashamed of myself and my body 

This meant I never celebrated my unique gifts; one of which was how I could make others feel. 


I love to make people feel good, listen and support them, helping them understand (just like I did for myself) we are all beautiful souls inside. 


Can you imagine how good it feels when a client says I've given them the confidence to have their picture taken for the first time in years, to wear that pretty dress they'd always wanted but thought they were too old and fat, that despite being 'middle aged' they could look and feel better than they did in their 20's and 30's? 


That's why I do what I do now, I just love to make people feel amazing.


You may not believe it, but at one point I was on the edge of the world, looking to get off. I hated the fat, old, ugly, useless person I was. Nobody wanted or loved me...or so I kept telling myself.


But I tried really, really hard to get myself back. I did a 3 week Everest Base Camp trek despite not enjoying walking that much, I moved to Italy despite not speaking a word of Italian, and I started my own business as a voice over artist despite no formal training. I was scared, tired and lonely but I didn't give up, I did what it took to get back from the depths of despair to the top of the mountain (and I really do live on the side of a mountain now)


These days I sing and dance like a madwoman and I don't care what people think, although most people love the entertainment value. I buy beautiful clothes and wear them, and I take time to care for myself every day.


But what's most important to me is that I'm working with some amazing people who want to change their lives too. They want to be confident in their own skin, and that doesn't mean being perfect, just happy. It means helping people understand that diets don't work, that changing their mindset is the best way to shed weight and keep it off for good, and they can still eat most of the things they enjoy and be healthy too.


I love what I do and that makes me very very happy.

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