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Meet Wendy

Certified NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner & Body Image Expert

Wendy Byard - certified NLP & Hypnotherapy practitioner & Body Image expert
Wendy Byard - Weight loss and body image expert

So, this is me!... I'm Wendy, and these days I'm really happy with the woman I've become. Yes, you heard me... I'm really happy with the woman I've become...and that's amazing because until a few years ago, I absolutely hated myself and wanted to get out of this world.

I was an emotional eater full of negative emotions. I was ashamed of myself and my body.

But I chose to change, and now I'm known as the English woman who decided to live in Italy because it made her feel beautiful.

I studied body image and emotional eating and became an expert in the 'stories' we tell ourselves and how to stop being hung up on what other people think of us.

I'm living proof that self-compassion, learning how to build confidence and loving your body, whatever its size, changes your whole life. It got me off the dieting bandwagon to be a happy, healthy woman who sings and dances like a mad woman, buys beautiful clothes and cares for herself every single day.​

​These days, I work with women all over the world who've fallen into the emotional eating/dieting/negative body image spiral. But my way of breaking the cycle is entirely different; it's fun and exciting and makes them feel sexy at any age or size.

The Full Details

I've studied and received certification from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, but it's the personal experience that makes the difference for me. I know the theory, but I also know what it feels like to be on the other side; the side where you feel a failure, stupid, lost, stuck. I also know there's so much more to struggling with body image, self hate, and overeating than weight alone. 

Here are some posts (or, if you prefer to listen, a podcast episode) which give you the full story. I hope they'll help you recognise that you're not alone.

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