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Wendy Byard - Life Coach

Gently guiding you to stop using food as comfort and start living for yourself.

Wendy Byard - Life Coach

Do you recognise this.....

Emotional Eater

You believe you're an emotional eater because you eat for comfort. You've tried every diet out there, but nothing works. You can't lose weight and keep it off; you feel like a failure and have no willpower.

Woman who thinks about sweet things

You can't resist overindulging on chocolate or cakes; you feel out of control around sweet things. You binge eat, and afterwards, you feel ashamed.

I woman who loves her body

When you're looking into the mirror, you have thoughts like - I feel ugly and fat; I hate my appearance. You have body insecurities, but you want to learn how to love yourself and how to build self esteem.

Woman who turns to food for comfort

You don't feel like you're living for yourself. Your emotional feelings are out of control, and you turn to food for comfort when stressed or tired. You've had enough of not showing up for yourself, and you're now questioning how to make yourself a priority. 

Ciao I'm Wendy Byard

...the English woman who decided to live in Italy because it made her feel beautiful.

If you’ve fallen out of love with yourself and life, I'm here to infuse La Dolce Vita back into it. I'll help you adore the person looking back at you from the mirror, feel sexy, confident and in control every day.


Here's why and how

  • For over 30 years I was an emotional eater and suffered from huge body insecurity issues.

  • I used food as comfort. I was constantly dieting and putting weight back on..and more too.

  • I suffered from very negative emotions but pretended everything was ok. It clearly wasn't, but nobody noticed.

  • I lost over 35kg's, and have kept it off for over 5 years.

  • I got the life of my dreams, and I know you can too; my programmes 'Lighter' and the 'Love Yourself Diet' will help you do the same.

Wendy Byard - Weightloss and Body Image Expert
Wendy Byard - Life Caoch

Helping you dream bigger than you've ever dreamed by taking tinier steps than you've ever taken

Every time I talk to you I feel your kind heart. Your gentleness and your empathy. A confidante I feel safe with and NEVER judged. I feel your calm energy, loving and caring. Also with no expectations which is a very warm and welcome place to be

Shirley Ann - US

After working with Wendy I realised that my issues with food were more deep routed than I had anticipated. She really worked hard help me notice how I was feeling and change my thoughts. Now I catch myself before I start eating because of stress and I feel so much better in my mind not just my stomach. It's like she's always there with me

Sue.H - Derbyshire

Wendy is this amazing beautiful person both inside and outside. She gives off an air of kindness, warmth and caring. You get this feeling that she has your back. She helped arrange a three day retreat. It could not of been more perfect. Almost perfect me fits her so well. She looks through the lens that we are perfectly imperfect. Embrace your beauty, your differences. She is such an inspiration, always seeing the good in people, always trying to bring the best out in others. As woman we are so hard on ourselves, she reminds us to embrace who we are, to look in the mirror, look back and say dam I am strong, I am beautiful. I can do this.

Sandy B - Canada

Other ways I can help

Three Steps to Love You 

A book for body conscious women who want to start on their journey to self love

Mind Over Munching

A series of hypnotherapy audios to help you overcome your emotional feelings and relax around food and body insecurity

21 Days to Food Freedom

An online course to help you overcome food addiction, bad eating habits and eating too much 


A 1 to1 whole mind & body programme helping you to accept who you are, start living for yourself, and
achieve the life you've always dreamed of



For women who want to learn how to build confidence, release negative emotions and stop using food as comfort. It's the perfect opportunity to start making self care a priority

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