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Being busy, being important, being needed - There's just not enough time!

These feelings can sometimes feel great, they can be addictive, it feels like you could take on the whole world and win....they can also feel the opposite too.

If you have too much to do, you can feel tired, stressed, angry, ineffective.

That's not a great feeling....finding time for anything other than firefighting is one of the biggest challenges we all encounter.

When you have thoughts such as I feel overwhelmed, it's so tempting to cancel what you do for yourself. On the surface, it seems like the lowest conflict, easiest and quickest route to creating more time, energy and getting the "critical stuff" done. The problem isn't.

When you're living a life where you have a huge number of responsibilities and you need to get things done, you are critical. When your presence is essential, when other people need and rely on you, it's extremely important that you be fit, healthy and on top of your game. If you're not practising excellent self-care and prioritising your needs, you're more than likely to show up less creative, less focused, less vibrant—less you. That's what everyone needs from you and, most importantly, what you deserve.

So, the good news.

Looking after number 1 (that's you, by the way) doesn't need to take over your life (but it can change it drastically).

Wendy Byard - Almost Perfect. Enjoying having enough time
Here are some ideas on how to sneak in some great (and simple) me-time minutes

The power of ten minutes.

Do you have a lengthy and daunting list of things you "should" be doing?

The problem is 'should be' is overwhelming; it can feel impossible to know where to begin; you'll soon be asking yourself, "why do I get overwhelmed so easily."

So let's start with small, consistent steps that can work miracles if you suffer from not enough time in the the day.

Start each day with ten minutes focused solely on you. Connect with yourself. How are you feeling, what are your thoughts about those feelings, what do you need? Write it down...that simple exercise can help change those sometimes sneaky feelings which can ruin your whole day.

It helps because you've noticed those fears and thoughts, and can nip them in the bud (or at least be aware of them). If you suffer from emotional eating, it can help there too. Many women I work with tell me that they eat when they're not thinking or worried. Noticing your feelings early in the day can really help you change how you look after yourself throughout the day.

Pay yourself first.

Do you believe getting everything else done before focusing on you is easier?

Guess what?

By the time you have time (if you do) to work out or meditate or plan a great adventure with friends, you'll be too tired. Or, if you do have time, you probably won't have the energy to really enjoy the experience and feel excited and rejuvenated. Instead, you'll just feel worn out.

When you pay yourself first—when you put your needs at the top of the list, when you take the time at the beginning of your week to plan your meals or plan some good me time into your week— not only will you feel better all week, you will perform better. You'll be more focused and creative, feel more alive and have more to give.

Give yourself a routine.

If something is difficult to do, you probably won't do it. So make it routine, a ritual.

For this point, I'm not talking about pampering (although you can); I'm talking about a daily routine. Like my first suggestion, noticing your feelings first thing in the morning, creating a routine will help keep you aware and present. Take time out to create a list of your meals for the week, make a shopping list and take all the 'what shall I eat tonight' thoughts out of your already busy mind. Do the same for your clothes; prepare them the night before so you don't have to think about it the following morning.

These might sound like simple tasks, and they are, but getting ahead of the game and being prepared takes a whole lot of weight off your already busy shoulders (and your mind)

Questions like 'Why do I get overwhelmed so easily?' need to be a thing of the past. Self-care doesn't need to be complicated, and it doesn't need to be overwhelming, but it does need to happen.

So, if you suffer from not enough time in your day, what small, simple change can you make to create more me-time or take better care of yourself?

Can I give you a suggestion? my free, time-saving hacks guide for busy women.


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