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Emerge Stronger: Unleashing Your Inner Power Over Emotional Eating

In a world where societal roles are often the the way we measure our worth and value, it's easy to fall into the trap of attaching our entire identity to someone else's ideals.

An emotional eater who is unhappy but smiles anyway

We're raised to believe that these roles define us, shaping our perceived importance and impact. However, the true dilemma lies in tying all our value solely to these roles. Coaching women, I've witnessed a large number of them grapple with misunderstanding their own worth. That lack of worth often manifests' itself in overindulging with food or alcohol.

Once upon a time, I too found myself trapped in this mindset. I believed my value was confined to being a dutiful daughter, a devoted wife, a diligent employee. Yet, despite my unwavering efforts, I frequently felt very inadequate in each role. I felt a failure, I was useless at everything, nobody liked me.

What I came to understand was that while these roles were undoubtedly significant, my worth extended far beyond the labels or the roles dictated by my life choices.

Realising your real value is the key transforming your self-image and creating the life you aspire to lead.

Here are four empowering ways to initiate this crucial journey:

Shift Focus from Labels to Intrinsic Values:

It's crucial to free ourselves from the shackles of societal labels. Instead, focus on unchanging values such as compassion, generosity, leadership, respect, and kindness. These enduring qualities define the core of who we are, going beyond ever-changing circumstances.

Challenge Your Inner Critic

Whenever that nagging inner voice starts criticising you, hit the pause button. Take a moment to reflect on the nature of the criticism. Ask yourself if it's a genuine, objective observation. Is it constructive and kind? If not, dismiss it. Trust your true worth and silence the detrimental self-talk.

Embrace Responsibility for Your Self-Perception

Acknowledge that you possess the power to determine how you view yourself, regardless of external judgments or opinions. Take charge of your self-perception and cultivate a positive, empowering image that aligns with your true essence.

Grant Yourself Forgiveness

Understand that making mistakes is an inherent part of being human. Grant yourself the gift of forgiveness and release the burden of past errors. Dwelling on the past does not yield anything fruitful; it's time to forgive yourself and move forward with a compassionate heart.

Reflect on your personal journey of recognising your worth.

What steps can you take to embrace and celebrate your intrinsic value?

If you need help with that, why not connect with me on Social Media or download my free book 'Three Steps to Love You' as the start of your journey to appreciating yourself just a little bit more.


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