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Food Glorious Food

One of the best things about living in Italy is, of course, the food. Everywhere you turn there are restaurants serving traditional dishes from locally sourced produce, and even the smallest of places run by a family, can serve the most mouthwatering dishes.

I love my food, and now I know the secret to eating what I want without looking like the side of a house. I’m making the most of it.

What I also love about the restaurants, even the ones we’d consider top end, is that people eat in groups. The feasting ritual is just as much about the company you keep as the food itself. You choose to dress up or not, it’s irrelevant, it’s simply about enjoying the experience.

People ask about the dishes - what are the ingredients? How is it cooked? Could they slightly change this or that; the menu is just a starting point. If you’re a meat eater, you choose which breed of cattle you would like to try, you get to see it raw, discuss how you would like it cooked, you choose the weight. Pasta is inevitably hand made, vegetables or salad are served after the meat course unless you ask for it together and it’s unlikely to be served on the same plate. You have a wine list and, if you’re not sure, you ask…. again the advice is always spot on.

There's something else to......your handbag gets its own chair... I love this so much

But enough talking about food, you want to see it don’t you?


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