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If you always do what you've always done

I wish I _____________________(fill in the blank)

So, if you really wish you __________________ (fill in the blank) why haven't you?

Lack of...






If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

It's harsh but simple. Wishes are excuses.

Wishing takes the pressure off; it makes it feel like it's not down to you.

I know, I did a LOT of wishing.

I wish I wasn't so fat; I wish I could wear nice clothes and look pretty; I wish I had more time to do stuff for myself... It was a long list.

However, some of the things I wished for I made dam sure I achieved, despite tremendous obstacles. Money was a major one.

I travelled, and I mean travelled. Every year at least one long-haul destination and then at least 5 or 6 breaks closer to home. I had no money, yet I still managed to do it somehow...because it's what I wanted. So why couldn't I do the same for the rest of the things on my 'wish list'?

Underlying stories, self-limiting beliefs, false goals.

If you really want to achieve something, and I mean really, go for it. Put your heart and soul into it, and if there are genuine obstacles, work on ways to diminish them.

One of the best ways is - Ask for help. Tell the people about your dream and ask them to help you make it happen. Here's an example.

Louise has elderly parents. They live alone and need help quite a lot of the time. She would love to go on a cruise for her 50th birthday but doesn't want to leave her parents without any support.

Her narrative is

"I wish I could go on a cruise, but I can't go away for two weeks in case mum and dad need something."

That's understandable, but is it true?

Talk to Louise a little more, and you'll learn she has a brother who lives in Spain but doesn't visit because he's busy. Mum and dad say so.

Is that true? Go on, Louise, ask him. Tell him it's your 50th birthday in July (because we all know brothers don't even know they have sisters most of the time). You want to go away, but you're concerned for your mum and dad. Ask him, could he come over?

Louise got her answer. Yes, he could, but he could only come for a week in September, not July. Ok, so maybe not the ideal solution, but a result all the same.

This might seem like a simple challenge, but this was a massive thing for Louise, who always put others first and didn't get time for herself.

And...She had a fantastic birthday cruise, so good, she plans to go again. Result!

Remember, there's never enough time. If you have a wish, and it's a real wish, make it happen.


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