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Is there more to life than this?

How amazing would it feel to live a life you've always dreamed of and not feel guilty for wanting more?

Here's how the conversation usually goes.....

"Life is just the same old drudge, day in day out, I'm never happy any more. How can I change that?"

Me: "Let me ask you a question, is that what you're telling yourself?

Do you believe everything you say is true?"

If we believe something to be true, that becomes our reality. If we focus on what we haven't got or what's wrong, guess what.....we're right.

If you're waiting for something to miraculously change, you'll be waiting a long time, but YOU can make it happen.

The first thing to remember is that happy is a feeling; you can't BE happy, you FEEL happy.

So with that in mind you can create a new way of thinking. Start with two simple thoughts....

What brings you joy

What do you appreciate

You may think that things will never change for you, your circumstances are fixed and there's no way out so you have to live with it. Or you may be stuck thinking I shouldn't want more; it's selfish; I have more than a lot of people and I should be happy with what I have.

But you do have a choice.

You can fight not being happy, feeling guilty for wanting more and giving up your dreams; you can also choose to change things....slowly.

I've been working with an extremely intelligent woman who was stuck. She hated where she lived, but she couldn't change that; it drained the life from her. She lived in constant battle, wanting more and feeling guilty for doing so. It affected everything she did; it also affected her self-esteem.

She'd lived like it for over ten years and could see no way out, until we tried a different approach. Instead of feeling guilty and sad, she saw her circumstances as a learning opportunity. Then, she started making small changes in her way of living and thinking.

⭐️ First, she accepted where she was. It's not perfect, but that's ok.

⭐️ Then, she thought about what she COULD change to improve it.

⭐️ Next, she took those things from her list and started to make her changes one by one.

That's secret formula; it's simple and effective.

She still lives in the same place and will do for some time, but she's changed her life to be filled with things that light her up, and I'm very, very proud of her.


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