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Overindulging - The Magnetism of Pleasure and Pain

There's an unseen dance between pleasure and pain that shapes our choices and our actions.

I know that in the past you've probably been trying to eat healthily, only to be tempted by a mouthwatering cake or a glass of happens and it's natural. The pleasure is immense the pain afterwards is hell.

At our core, we're wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. It's an ingrained mechanism deeply embedded within us. Despite our logical understanding of what's good and bad, our minds often prioritise immediate pleasure over long-term benefits. As the saying goes, "Feelings will always overcome logic." So it's not your fault.

A woman experiencing the pleasure and pain of overindulging

Rethinking the Language of 'Loss' to avoid overindulging

Consider this: when we talk about 'losing' something, it inherently carries a negative meaning. Our minds interpret 'loss' as pain. Just reflect on phrases like "I lost my job" or "I lost my phone." They carry an emotional weight, don't they? It's no wonder our minds shy away from associating 'losing' with weight, for weight loss can trigger subconscious feelings of pain and deprivation.

So what can you say instead?

Linking Pleasure to Health Goals to avoid overindulging

So, how do we navigate this intricate web of pleasure and pain when it comes to health and body goals?

Let's start by reframing our language and thought patterns. Instead of 'losing weight,' let's shift our focus to 'gaining health.' This subtle yet powerful shift reframes the narrative, linking pleasure to endeavours that align with our well-being.

You could try saying "I'm choosing to eat healthier because my body deserves it" or "I'm working towards a new life that's important to me."

Embracing the Pleasure of Health Choices to avoid overindulging

Imagine relishing the pleasure of nourishing your body with wholesome meals that not only taste delightful but also fuel your vitality. Picture the joy of movement, where exercise isn't a chore but a celebration of what your body can achieve. This shift in perspective transforms health choices into acts of self-care and pleasure.

The Power of Pleasure Centered Goals to avoid overindulging

When we link pleasure to actions that serve our health and body goals, magic happens. It becomes easier to embrace a lifestyle that supports well-being. By associating pleasure with these positive choices, we create a path that leads us toward sustainable, fulfilling health practices.

Rewiring Pleasure-Pain Dynamics to avoid overindulging

Understanding the driving force behind our behaviours...the pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain, empowers us to navigate this losing weight/diet minefield. By reframing our language and shifting the focus to the pleasure in health choices, we pave the way for a much more positive and happy journey toward well-being and feeling good.

If you'd like to explore this subject further I'd highly recommend journalling your thoughts or taking part in 21 Days to Food Freedom - An online programme to help you stop overindulging and three weeks to change your thoughts around food.


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