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Feeling Sexy: Prioritise yourself and feel a million dollars

Feeling sexy... it's a boost of confidence, but let's be honest, not everyone gets to experience that feeling a lot of the time. Negative thoughts and self-doubt can hold us back. You know those thoughts..ones like how to feel sexy when overweight, how to look good over 40.... but guess what? Feeling sexy is available to matter what your age, size or gender.

I might be preaching to the converted. You may already prioritise yourself and be in a place of love and appreciation for your incredible body and mind. You're worth it, and you know it. Standing in front of the mirror, you can't help but love every single thing about yourself. Some days you lounge around the house, wearing exquisite underwear and sipping on a martini. On other days you're hot stuff, rocking an outfit that makes you feel like a million dollars, and your body looks absolutely amazing.

Ok, I'll stop there because if you're not, I understand and I know why you feel like you do. You might even go as far as to make yourself unattractive to others to protect yourself...again I know, and it won't put me off offering you my support. Nobody is ugly, unloved or beyond feeling good about themselves, I'll help you see that.

Wendy Byard - Feel sexy, prioritise yourself

So what is sexy?

Feeling sexy comes from having that confident mindset, and confidence can come from a myriad of areas in your life. Think about when you're killing it at work; you walk out feeling like you can conquer the world. That kind of confidence seeps into every aspect of your life; trust me, people notice. Confidence has always been incredibly sexy.

Sometimes, feeling sexy is tied to the connections we make with someone special, which can make us feel like we're on fire! It's sizzling energy. And when I say sexy in this way, I don't necessarily mean beautiful bodies all tanned and slim making out in the heat of the afternoon; I'm talking about real life, not the film plot kind of thing. There is nothing more sexy than feeling connected to the right human being.

In everyday life, you can prioritise yourself add a sexy feeling by simply:

  • Walking with confidence; head held high, walking tall.

  • Engaging in exercise and movement that makes your body feel alive

  • Sharing passionate kisses with those who make your heart race

  • Putting on your favourite clothes, ones that make you feel incredible (don't go saving them for special occasions, every day is a special occasion)

  • Taking chances and embracing risks that excite you

  • Indulging in the things you absolutely love and enjoy

Me, I love dancing around the house or singing to my audience.....the cats. It makes me feel like an absolute rockstar, and my performance is always perfect, no almost about it.

So, let's break it down so you can prioritise yourself and nurture this feeling of feeling sexy for yourself...

  1. Practice Deep Breathing: Take a moment to immerse yourself in this emotion. Feel it in every part of your being. Why? Because once you master accessing this feeling at will, you become unstoppable!

  2. Move Your Body: Whether it's going for a walk, stretching, biking, or dancing around your house like nobody's watching, listen to what your body is craving in the moment. Let it guide you to the ultimate pleasurable experience.

  3. Practice Meditation: Meditation is like a secret weapon for feeling sexy all the time. It helps you tap into that self-love and embrace your sensuality on a deeper level. If you're new to meditation, no worries! There are plenty of free guided meditations available online to get you started. I can even make you one if you'd like...DM me, and I will!

  4. Engage in Compassionate Self-Talk: Be kind to yourself ❤️. Look in the mirror and shower yourself with compliments. Does that outfit make you look fabulous? Absolutely! You're drop-dead gorgeous! Find those features about yourself that you adore and find attractive. Regularly practising self-love and positive self-talk will boost your confidence and make you feel sexier day by day.

  5. Journaling: Remember why you deserve to feel this incredible feeling. If doubts ever creep in, flip open your journal and read the affirmations you wrote down. It will transport you back to that moment and counter any negative thoughts swimming around in your mind. Plus, journaling is an excellent way to reinforce your sexy side!

So, in conclusion, feeling sexy doesn't have to be all pretty lingerie and high heels. Sexy is confidence, being happy with who you are and knowing you are enough for yourself. When you feel this way, you will automatically radiate a sense of togetherness, whatever your shape, size, age or gender.

If you're struggling with feeling sexy, if you want to start feeling confident with who you are, then contact me; I'd be happy to help...or why put your name on the waitlist for my new (and free) guide to more me time by clicking here and I'll let you know when it's ready.


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