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Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll

The day came and went, and my birthday was a quiet but lovely affair.

Wendy Byard - Almost Perfect - Life in Italy

In the past, I would have been off to places like India, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Rwanda. Places filled with new experiences; exploring, tasting fresh food and relaxing. I loved to travel. I probably knew it back then, but it was to escape life at home. That's what holidays are all about, right? Get away from 'life' enjoy yourself for a week or two before dreading going home....or maybe it was just me.

In fact, there are very few pictures of me on holiday, I didn't like having my picture taken, that's something I regret now. But never the less, I have memories and pictures of the places themselves, so I consider myself fortunate in that respect.

This year was totally different; my birthday was a very simple affair. A mini spa at home, enjoying a long lunch in a family-run restaurant, and then a good soaking by huge waves at the coast. Oh, and I also managed to enjoy an ice cream, even if it was February!

This got me thinking ...... life doesn't always have to be jaw-dropping and unique. Sometimes, the most simple things can also bring great pleasure. So each day since, I've been going outside, looking up at the sky and feeling the weather on my face for just a few moments and then giving thanks that I am here and I am alive today.

It also got me, I'm on a roll! I actually feel like me again. What does that mean?

Well, do you notice that you don't feel like you used to?

Maybe, life gets a bit 'samey' you can't distinguish one day from another, you don't feel like you used to? If that's the case, you might like to have a listen to my recent podcast episode - Who are you? for some inspiration....but please finish reading first xxxxx

I'll pop the link down below.

You've got a friend

Something else that makes me happy is my monthly outings with 'the girls'. Friends are important. People who encounter the same problems, understand you, laugh at and with you, and offer advice and support.

Our monthly trips aren't always glam affairs. Much of the time, they're trips to the local market with coffee and lunch. That's it. This time of year, trips can also be shorter as the weather is rather cold to be hanging around outside for too long.

In this part of the world, we have vintage shops, but we also have market stalls, which sell second-hand clothes. Another reason to love Italy is that second-hand clothes can be, well, rather lovely. My purchases have included a Dolce & Gabbana skirt. This week I found a beautiful Ralph Lauren Jumper (sweater - I really don't like that word, it sounds a bit.....smelly 🤣) for only €5. It's in perfect condition.

Lunch was long and relaxing, as always. A beautiful pasta course with fave beans and guanciale (broad beans and bacon) and a second course of stuffed artichoke and vegetables all washed down with wine, water and coffee. All for the grand price of €12. I was so excited I forgot to take pictures...but you've already seen my fish meal, so I'm hoping one lot of food pictures this month will be enough.

That's it for this month, I hope I made you smile, or maybe think about what it means to be you. And as always, if anything comes up about what I've said, please give me a nudge and I'll be happy to talk xxxxx


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