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The camera never lies.

Well, in this case a screenshot, but for the purposes of this experiment it helps to make a point.

I spend a lot of time in health and fitness forums, and the overwhelming mantra is that if you eat with a calorie deficit you’ll lose weight. You see it all the time. Eat what you want, even a load of cake and crisps if you really want too, as long as the calories out are more than the calories in.

There are three problems with this:

1. It means you have to weigh all your food accurately – and who does that?

2. It totally ignores the role of the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands.

3. It doesn’t encourage healthy eating for life.

How do I know this doesn’t work? Because I’ve done it. For over 2 years I recorded calories in v calories out and used the app to record my weight. Here’s a screenshot of the last year to prove it.

Notice anything?

Look at the left side of the graph; it’s almost a flat line. Good job it’s not a heart rate monitor or I’d almost be dead. Now, look at the right side of the graph.

So, what happened in September?

After two years of trying to be in a calorie deficit, being hungry and tired, I ended it all with just one simple step. I stopped relying on counting calories.

The beginning of September saw me at my plateau weight AGAIN. Being frustrated with how I was feeling I took some advice, I looked at what I was eating and why I was eating it, and then I did something about it.

As I said at the beginning, the camera never lies.

Look at the graph; 4kg’s gone in 4 months, no counting calories just healthy eating, with a few mince pies thrown in at Christmas. Absolutely fantastic, but what's even better, I’ve learned that weight loss is not the only benefit of healthy eating. I now enjoy a good night's sleep, have heaps of energy, and my attitude to life is just the same as it was 30 years ago. I feel fabulous!

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to feel fabulous too, I’d be happy for you to join me.


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