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What is an Eating Coach?

Have you ever wondered why so many people who strive for weight loss struggle to maintain their progress? Or maybe you've mulled over the challenges of emotional eating, bingeing, and constant worry about food?

We all desire to feel good, look good, and live healthy lives, yet many of us feel stuck, bewildered, or disheartened, even with professional guidance. We already know what we should more vegetables, exercise regularly, cut down on sugar and alcohol, opt for nutrient-dense foods, and quit smoking. The missing piece isn't knowledge; it's the inspiration to put that knowledge into action.

Many people need help with conflicting nutritional advice, which leaves them even more confused. Eat this, no, don't eat that eat this; carbs, protein, gut bacteria, there's so much conflicting advice from experts...that's where an Eating Coach comes in....and yes, you've guessed it, that's me, and I hope this post will explain the role of a coach that can go beyond nutrition, considering thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that influence eating behaviours.

My role is to get to the root cause of unwanted eating challenges, creating breakthroughs that lead to lasting transformation, all with an elegant blend of eating psychology and nutrition by...

Embrace the Full Picture: Taking a Deep Dive into Wellness

By gathering extensive information about you; your food choices, medical history, and lifestyle factors. Going beyond this to understand your story, who you are, what motivates you, and what's significant in your life.

For example, when working with a weight loss client, it's crucial to explore their relationship with dieting and their body...understanding eating speed, meal timing, and stress levels while eating is equally important. This helps understand the biological and psychological reasons behind unwanted eating behaviours.

Reframing Food & Body Challenges

A major obstacle in overcoming unwanted weight and eating habits is how we perceive our challenges. Most people view these challenges as the problem, perpetuating a cycle of self-punishment and frustration. But what if these challenges are actually symptoms, not the root problem?

As an Eating Coach I help you reframe these challenges, helping you recognise them as teachers, and guiding you towards growth and self-improvement. By shifting toxic beliefs like seeing food as an enemy, you can change your physiology and find freedom with food.

Understanding the Eating Archetypes - The secret weapon of an Eating Coach

Many of my clients feel stuck and need help to change their eating habits, unaware of the underlying reasons. This is where understanding eating archetypes really helps. These archetypes, like the Rebel or the Perfectionist, represent distinct personalities within us. Recognising which archetype influences our choices empowers us to reclaim control and make informed decisions, break free from unhealthy patterns and embrace a more vibrant, fulfilling life.

Here are just a few you might recognise

The Rebel

Your inner teenager, the rebel fights against restrictions and rules, they'll eat what they want, when they want and however much they want. Ever noticed yourself thinking 'I know what I should eat, I know I should exercise, I just can't do it?' Your rebel voice is calling the shots

The Child

You eat healthily, you know it's good for you. You merrily go about your day, then all of a sudden you fancy ice cream, cake, crisps....something nice. You've been good, so why not? Then, all your good intentions go out of the window and you indulge. That's the child archetype, seeking instant gratification and not caring about the consequences.

The Perfectionist

Your out an about and suddenly catch sight of yourself in a shop window and don't like what you see; you criticise your belly, your legs, your hair. You fall into despair.

Eating Coach - Eating archetypes

There are many other archetypes:
  • The Food Criminal

  • The All or Nothing Eater

  • The Hedonist

  • The Health Champion

Once you understand those little voices inside your head, then you can get to work helping change your beliefs about food and eating habits.

If you recognise any of the archetypes in yourself, or if you suffer from issues around food, get in touch or sign up to my mailing list, because a brand new quiz about eating archetypes is being created!


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