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Five Italian Wellness Hacks - How I Improved My Life

After living in Italy for almost 16 years, I now understand how I can indulge in pasta, gelato, and unlimited amounts of cheese and still feel healthier.

Despite popular diets demonising Italian staples like pasta and pizza, Italy is one of the world's healthiest countries. And the best part is, you don't have to live here to enjoy the benefits of the Italian lifestyle.

So, let me share five wellness hacks I've learned from Italian women...this is how I improved my life

Wendy Byard, why eating pasta doesn't make you fat
Eating pasta does not make you fat!

Stay active:

Instead of just working out for an hour a day, try incorporating more movement into your daily routine. I don't stick to a structured workout routine, but I do walk a lot of the time. Many of the towns only allow cars within the city if you're a resident (or pay), so you get to experience amazing backstreets and charming cobblestone streets on foot. While it may be challenging to move quite so much when you're at home if you adopt the Italian ritual of "la passeggiata" - a leisurely evening stroll, this peaceful walk will not only help you adds to your daily movement but will also help you reconnect with friends as you chat and walk.

Embrace carbs:

I used to believe that carbs were the enemy. When I was eating what I thought was 'good', my meals consisted mainly of vegetables and protein, which left me feeling unsatisfied... both physically and mentally. This habit led to intense carb cravings and late-night binges. However, I let go of all food restrictions in Italy and allowed myself to fully experience food. Now occasionally, I start my mornings with a cornetto (no, not an ice cream, a kind of croissant, usually filled with a pistachio or custard filling) and a double espresso. My days end with a bowl of pasta and a glass of wine. Contrary to what the diet industry says, I didn't feel sluggish or bloated now that I've got things in balance (yes even in peri-menopause). In fact, my energy improved, and indulging in foods that were once off-limits eliminated the urge to binge eat

Choose local foods:

Italy puts local ingredients at the forefront of every meal. The freshness of the ingredients makes the meals delicious without the need for added fillers. Food is simple but fresh, an easy way to increase your fruit and vegetable consumption.

Make your meals special:

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or working on your computer while eating, try to be more present during your meals. Italians approach eating with a sense of reverence and mindfulness. Meals are seen as an opportunity to savour each bite and connect with people who matter. While I may not always have an hour to dedicate to each meal, I have started romanticising my food. No screens at mealtime, just focusing on what I'm eating. When the weather is nice, I enjoy my meals outside, and in the evenings, I create a cosy ambience with a candle and my favourite music.

Prioritise leisure:

It's easy to fall into the trap of overworking and sacrificing leisure time. But Italians have mastered the art of balancing work and leisure. Long lunches, evening strolls, quality time with friends and a glass of wine are not occasional treats but the norm. This balanced approach helps reduce stress and increases happiness and productivity. Now, I prioritise moments of relaxation throughout my day, whether it's reading a good book or spending quality time with my furry; my friends don't need a shave 😂


This incredible lifestyle is how I improved my life, and it has seeped into every corner of my life and my business. The values of eating well, taking time out for yourself and connecting with others are the pillars of my beliefs. This is why I love doing what I do; creating similar lifestyles for women, wherever they live, because they deserve it.

Why not try incorporating these five wellness hacks into your life? You might just find yourself feeling leaner, more energised, and happier...If you'd like more tips or want to take your life planning a little bit further, why put your name on the waitlist for my new (and free) guide to more me time by clicking here and I'll let you know when it's ready. Alternatively, message me or give call; I'd be happy to get you on your way to more me time


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